Residential Roofing Services

We believe Experience matters
If you’re the kind of person who values experience then Queston Roofing & Construction Inc., is a company you can count on. We believe in customer relations and meeting the expectations of our customers. We have a track record of meeting clients' needs on the most demanding roofing projects in the Southwest and have been listed as one of the largest Roofing Contractors in the State of New Mexico by Albuquerque business first for more than 8 years. When you call Questonyou can count on a Residential Roofing Contractor that offers:
  1. A free, prompt estimate from an experienced estimator who has worked in the field and knows the installation side of the business.
  2. A sales staff that is dedicated to helping you make the best decision for your roofing needs.
  3. An install crew that is second to none in the industry with years of experience working specifically with the materials they install.
  4. A Quality Control staff person who will inspect the entire roof at the conclusion of the project to make certain the roof meets or exceeds the industry standard.
  5. A Roofing Contractor that is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Queston follows all the applicable building codes and purchases permits for the projects they work on.
  6. A well established Residential Roofing Contractor that has been in business in New Mexico since 1990 under the same ownership and management. That translates into significant experience that is utilized in every step of the roofing process.
  7. A material and installation warranty you can count on that is assigned to the home and transfers to new owners in the event of a sale.
  8. A competitive proposal based on years of experience and the Company’s decision to install only a select list of roofing materials made by leaders in the roofing manufacturing industry. This allows Queston to buy right and to be fully supported by the material manufacturer.
Because we believe in customer service we have thousands of happy customers and can always provide you with a reference. You too can be satisfied with your roof.
We want to help you in an emergency

Nothing’s worse than you having a roofing emergency with no one to help. We understand and will make ourselves available as soon as possible when the need arises. Our workmen are skilled installers with many years of experience. That experience counts when you have a stubborn leak that’s hard to trace.

We use our experience and access to materials that work in emergencies to help dry in your home until the time a new roof can be installed or a permanent patch can be made. We can also water test your roof after the repair to make certain the leak is fixed.

We also offer our customers who have signed a contract with us emergency services free of charge. We do all we can to stop your leak until we can be there to install your new roof. Imagine the peace of mind that you can have.

Safety, Quality, Productivity…….that’s our motto. We know this is a significant investment for a homeowner and as your Residential Roofing Contractor of choice we do all we can to assure that every customer is happy and satisfied when we walk off the project.

If you only need a Roof inspection or repair services we want to be your go to Roofing Contractor

Let Queston help you be proactive as it relates to maintaining the roof on your home. Queston can arrange for a quality control person to inspect your roof and complete minor repairs while on site. There is an hourly fee for this service but being proactive when it comes to the roof can often times translate into thousands of dollars saved in the event that a leak develops that you’re unaware of. These inspection and repair services afford the homeowner peace of mind and potential savings associated with the damages that could occur if a leak arises.

Let us help you with an Insurance claim

We want to make certain the outcome of your insurance claim is the best it can be. Queston will utilize its vast experience through the years in working with many customers and their insurance companies to see to it. After a claim is filed, a homeowner should reasonably expect to be “made whole” through the claims process. Queston can assist the homeowner in interfacing with the insurance company to make certain all aspects of the claim are addressed fairly.